Department of Health Care Management

The graduate program of Healthcare Management Department was established with the title of “Healthcare Business Administration” under Gazi University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences according to the regulation on the date of 30.01.2013 by Higher Education Committee. Our department, titled “Healthcare Business Administration”, has lasted its education for two years until Higher Education Committee has renamed it as “Department of Healthcare Management” depending on the regulation on the date of 11.02.2015. Our department is firstly introduced as a graduate program in the 2013-2014 Academic Semester with the purpose of training manager candidates for all required levels in the health system.

As fast and continuous evolution of the health sector, it is required that healthcare businesses’ administration should reflect more dynamic structure and the managers of healthcare businesses should have appropriate knowledge and capability to adapt this dynamic environment. Reforms in the health systems and the systems’ complex nature, increasing number of the private and public healthcare institutions, changing demographics of society, increasing healthcare needs by the increasing costs of healthcare and treatment, etc. cause growing need of professional healthcare managers with the capability which maintains more efficient and effective source utilization. Manager of healthcare businesses is accepted as one of the sparkling career of the future. Within this context, it is aimed to train professional healthcare managers:

•          Who is able to manage business operations effectively and efficiently,

•          Who knows the concepts of health, healthcare and medical terminology,

•          Who cares epidemiological researches,

•          Who has knowledge of business administration,

•          Who aware the importance of human resources in the healthcare institutions,

•          Who is able to do the activities related to purchase, stock and inventory,

•          Who can enhance relations with the shareholders,

•          Who is able to fulfill the principles of accounting, finance of health, health economy, health marketing and health law by also giving priority to service quality and the patient satisfaction,

•          Who chases the universally accepted innovative, creative ideas,

•          Who embraces ethical rules and values.

Graduates of our department can be employed as assistant specialists and manager candidates in Health Ministry and the subsidiaries, Social Security Institution and in the other public hospitals and related institutions. Increasing numbers of private hospitals and health institutions create several opportunities for employment. Our Graduates serve at the various administrative levels in the private hospitals and institutions. Also, they can fulfill requirement of health officer in the Military hospitals, which are dependent to Ministry of National Defense. On the other hand, they may be employed in the pharmacy corporations, companies which trade medical devices and supplements and private health insurance companies. Addition to that, our students can apply to other programs of our faculty for double major or lateral branch and after the graduation they also have the all same rights as graduates of other departments. Therefore, they can be employed as an inspector, assistant inspector, auditor, assistant specialist in the public or private institutions.

Moreover, Management of hospitals master program and healthcare management doctoral program which have carried on by our faculty since the year of 1995, are continue to tram by our department under the Social Sciences Institute. Our master and doctoral programs with thesis or non-thesis still continue. Proposals of opening master and doctoral programs in English language are also accepted by Higher Education Committee.


Our Mission

Our aim is to train professional managers in health sector with high qualifications of knowledge and experience, with efficient and productive management abilities, giving importance to total quality management, universally accepted ethical rules and values as well

as to creative and innovative approaches.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading program of education and training with an academic staff

that constantly renews their selves, following all scientific and technological developments, continuously upgrading the graduate and postgraduate programs according to the national and

international requirements.