Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Undergraduate Completion Program of Health Management Department

-How long does the Graduate Completion Program last?

The program lasts four (4) semesters for two (2) years, as students will receive courses in the Health Management Department Undergraduate Completion Program for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th semesters.

- How and where are the exams?

The tests are usually done in test form. The mid-term examination is carried out online through the Gazi University Distance Learning and Research Center system, and final and makeup examinations are held in Gazi University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Beşevler / Ankara.

- Are exemptions from previously taken and successful courses recognized?

Students will only take classes three and four as they are accepted as a prerequisite for taking one (1) and two (2) classes. No exemption requests are accepted for previously taken and successful courses.

- Is there a Field Practice (Internship) in the Graduation Completion Program?

Instead of Field Practice (Internship), three compulsory courses are taken in the last three classes. So there is no Field Practice (Internship).

- Is there a difference between the academic calendar in the undergraduate program and the academic calendar of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences?

There is no difference between the academic calendar of the undergraduate completion program and the academic calendar of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. The same academic calendar is being used.

- What is the weight of the success grade of the graduation completion program examinations?

In the achievement note, the mid-term exam is 20% and the final exam is 80%.

- Who determines the fees for the completion program?

The Department of Health Care Management does not determine the license completion fees.

- Is there a difference in terms of rights between graduates and undergraduate graduates who have successfully completed the Graduate Completion Program?

There is no difference.

- How are the lecture notes about the lectures obtained?

Each teaching staff loads the course notes into the GUZEM system. In addition, different resources are recommended if students are demanded.

-Are  the lessons  done in daylight hours or in the evening?

Lessons are in the evening.

-Do you have any obligation to attend the classes?

There is no obligation to attend. It is possible to watch the course videos and grades later on the GUZEM system.